President’s Message

We Focus On The SMEs

Remote Staff

We are classified as a Small-Medium-Enterprise (SME) from our humble start-up almost 7 years ago. As an SME, our focus is also to provide outsourced services to SMEs, especially those who would be outsourcing to the Philippines for the first time.

Why the emphasis on our outsourcing services to the SMEs? We realized that most new BPO companies in the Philippines want to hit it big right away, so they look for big campaigns and in the end, also get burned big time!  Because of the desire of most new BPO companies to grab a larger slice of that proverbial “outsourcing pie”, they end up entering a playing field dominated by the big players. And do they learn their lessons the hard way.

This desire to look for big campaigns outright also means that many SMEs who only need to hire 2-3 team members are being pushed out to look for service providers using freelance services/sites. We have nothing against freelance services but we have heard enough stories of freelancers “falling off the grid” after receiving their down payments (it’s very easy to change names and set up new online accounts).


Here at Next BPO Solutions, Inc., we focus on the SMEs. In fact, we love SMEs! We provide a structured service which is more stable than what freelancers can offer. We love to be a part of a growing business on your side of the world! We also love working with those who would be outsourcing to the Philippines for the first time as this allows us to understand our clients’ requirements better, create a customized service process according to our clients’ unique operations and business model, and build the right pioneering team who will help propel our clients’ business to growth! We have seen teams grow over time – from only 2 to 10, others from only 5 to 15!

So, if you are an SME looking for a better way to grow by outsourcing some functions to a team in the Philippines, and this would be your first time to do so, we will be happy to work with you! We love SMEs!


Xavier Eric B. Manalastas
President / CEO