Who We Are

We are not your typical outsourcing service provider. Next BPO Solutions is not just a BPO company; we are a Customized Outsourcing Solutions Provider (COSP). We pride ourselves on being a company that gives our client’s needs more detailed attention than the competition. Not only making sure that our services match the client’s requirements but also help them achieve, if not exceed, their business goals and objectives: more savings and increased productivity.

Our Vision:

To be the leading business process outsourcing company that provides customized business solutions.

Our Mission:

To provide customized outsourcing solutions designed around our clients’ needs so as to help them achieve their organization’s growth goals and objectives, and in doing so create long-term and satisfying employment and career opportunities for our constituents.

We also seek to be the employer of choice among the outsourcing companies in our area and market sector. Our employees are not just resources, they are our talent and your talent, providing important contributions to the achievement of your company’s goals. As an employer of choice, we make sure that our employees are not only well paid and share our values, but that they also understand and are engaged in your company’s vision and mission.