Outsourcing Services Rates

outsourcing rates

We believe in transparent pricing. This is why we let our clients decide on the monthly salary to be paid to their Staff. Our Staff also know exactly how much the client pays for their services. You also decide whatever benefits your Staff will get while working as a part of your team. A transparent relationship enables a high level of trust with us, you and your Staff, which minimizes the risks of turnover.

With our current fee structure, you are assured that your Staff is paid a salary which is at least 25%-30% higher than the local industry standards/average. With that, we are able to select only the best for your requirements since we are able to hire not only from the talent pool here in Davao City but also from all over the Philippines.

We have Staff that acquired good experience and training from top outsourcing companies in Metro Manila and Cebu, who want to be able to return to their families here in Davao City. Offering them a job which will allow them to continue to earn based on Metro Manila rates for their qualifications provide for very good employment and career incentives.

Transparency and trust are the keys to a successful outsourcing relationship. You know that your Staff is well-taken care of. And your Staff know it too! And this kind of service does not need to be expensive!

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