next bpo solutions team helps ensure critical telecoms infra are up and running

The major islands of the world are connected by submarine fiber optic cables. These cables provide the links necessary to conduct business in Europe, USA and across Asia. On the seas through which these submarine cables traverse are also hundreds if not thousands of merchant, fishing and private ships whose propellers and anchors can potentially cause fiber optic breakage. A single fiber optic damaged or cut would translate to Millions of US Dollars of restoration costs, not to mention the Billions of US Dollars of financial transactions that can be potentially lost.

A company in the UK helps ensure that those fiber breakages do not happen, thus helping Telecom and power companies save in maintenance costs. This company monitors all sea traffic in key parts of the world, making sure that ships steer clear of the areas traversed by the submarine fiber optic cables. And all of this is being done 24/7 by a Monitoring Team of Next BPO Solutions here in Davao City, Philippines. So, if you are in Europe, Hong Kong or Singapore using a very reliable internet connection, you probably have this small team to thank for – because they make sure those fiber optic cables providing you with the needed internet access are protected 24/7.