Outsource With The Goal Of Setting Up Your Own Operations In The Philippines

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For some companies, the end-result to be considered when outsourcing to the Philippines might be the eventual setup of its own operations office in the Philippines after 3 to 4 years. This is because the remote Staff would have already grown in numbers and it will become more sensible (business-wise) to manage them directly from your own facilities.

We can structure our agreement to start off as purely as a Staff Leasing Agreement, which will then evolve into a Business Center Setup. Under this arrangement (which is more like a Build-Operate-Transfer scheme), we hire your Employees and they work as your Dedicated Staff for at least 2-3 years. Before the end of 3 years (with all of the processes for managing a remote office already in place), we will take the lead in setting up your own office in the Philippines (since we know the local processes for registration, office acquisition, renovation and utility installation).


After which, once you have all of the required operational and administrative infrastructure in place, we will transfer all of your remote staff to your new business center or branch/support office here in the Philippines, as direct employees now of your company. You end up with a well-trained Staff that already share your company’s values and culture who have proven themselves capable of staying for the long-term.


Outsourcing Service Provider Selection

Yes, although we provide outsourced services, we have to accept the fact that we cannot really do them all (we wish we could). Your needs may be beyond what we can provide. But you don’t really know who can provide the services for you also, and we know the other service providers in our area. Through a retainer’s arrangement (although we may explore potential partnerships), we will pre-qualify service providers for you so you can make better decisions and also speed up your decision-making process. We can help implement your projects anywhere in the Philippines. We know the area, we know the people, we know what’s available, and we also know who really is capable.

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